Terms and Conditions

Products or Services Provided

ScratchAndDentDepot.ca provides a website to purchase scratched and/or dented appliances from independent retailers from across Canada.Images that are listed on ScratchAndDentDepot.ca are those of retailers who have chosen to list their products with ScratchAndDentDepot.ca as another option for the them to sell their appliances.

ScratchAndDentDepot.ca does not deliver or provide warrantees on any appliances sold. Delivery and warranties are the responsibility of the retailer where the appliance is purchased from. ScratchAndDentDepot.ca is not responsible for any services beyond the selling of the appliance.

Prices and Payment

  • All prices listed on ScratchAndDentDepot.ca are subject to local provincial tax or GST.
  • All prices are provided by the retailer who is selling the appliance and are subject to change.
  • ScratchAndDentDepot.ca does not change or negotiate any pricing.
  • Payment is made directly to ScratchAndDentDepot.ca. Payment is due immediately upon purchase.
  • If payment is not received within 24 hours the purchase becomes null and void.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping and delivery of all appliances are negotiated between the customer and the retailer. Since all retailers of the appliances operate with varied shipping and delivery costs, it’s up to the customer to negotiate directly with the retailer or understand the details regarding these specifics. The retailer will make arrangements for delivery and/or warranty directly with the consumer. ScratchAndDentDepot.ca takes zero responsibility for shipping and delivery.

Guarantees and Warranties

ScratchAndDentDepot.ca stands by our retailers and their appliances as far as images and prices of appliances being in fact as they are, ScratchAndDentDepot.ca does not provide guarantees or warrantees. Since all retailers of the appliances operate varied guarantee and warranty policies, it’s up to the customer to negotiate directly with the retailer or understand the details regarding these specifics.

Returns, Refunds and Complaints

ScratchAndDentDepot.ca does not provide or handle returns. If there is an issue with an appliance the customer deals directly with the retailer. Refunds only exist if the appliance is sold not as advertised then there in ScratchAndDentDepot.ca will assist the customer, via the retailer, in refunding the purchase price and additional fees such as delivery and/or warranties. ScratchAndDentDepot.ca stands by the theory of “what you see is what you get” and if that concept is breached, we will take it up directly with the retailer responsible. ScratchAndDentDepot.ca will handle complaints, we welcome feedback of the buyers’ full purchase experience. Complaints will be taken very seriously and dealt with swiftly.

Limitation of Liability

Since each transaction is technically made directly between the retailer and the customer, ScratchAndDentDepot.ca is not liable or responsible for any issues of the sale. Though ScratchAndDentDepot.ca stands by the images posted it is the retailer’s responsibility to provide the appliance as advertised. If there are discrepancies those issues remain between the retailer and the customer. ScratchAndDentDepot.ca however will step in to reprimand any retailer who violates its own terms and conditions with ScratchAndDentDepot.ca.

Intellectual Property Rights

ScratchAndDentDepot.ca logos are property of ScratchAndDentDepot.ca. Any reproduction of these are strictly prohibited. Images of appliances posted on ScratchAndDentDepot.ca remain those of the retailers.

Future Changes

Due to changes in ScratchAndDentDepot.ca business practices and/or terms and conditions or changes in the governing law, ScratchAndDentDepot.ca will provide a period of notice in advance of any changes to these Terms and Conditions.

Governing Law

Laws pertaining to ScratchAndDentDepot.ca operating principals and terms and conditions will be in accordance with the Provincial laws of Ontario and the Federal laws of Canada.

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